These are scary times people; now more than ever, everyone wants to know how to stay safe from Coronavirus.

No one got a heads-up on this pandemic, and when it first originated from China, people thought it would just be localized.

In over 100 countries already, and no cure as of yet, there is panic everywhere about the Coronavirus, even though governments have been trying to keep everyone calm.

In the face of all the panic, we still have to take measures that would help our chances against the virus.

Now, there are guidelines put in place by the one health body that everyone looks up to (that’s the WHO)

These guidelines I shall be listing in this post, in addition to the gadgets and stuff you can buy, in order to stay safe from Coronavirus.

Avoid crowded places

As we do know (given the credible information we’ve had access to in the past few days), Coronavirus moves from surface to surface, and would only infect a healthy person if he/she has had direct physical contact with it.

Therefore, the single most logical thing to do in a bid not to get in contact with the virus is to not be in crowded places.

Chances are if someone has already picked up the virus, it is ridiculously easier to pass it through to people they have contact with.

Staying away from crowded places reduces your overall chance to physically be in contact with the virus.

Wash your hands

Another thing about Coronavirus is that it would only infect a healthy person once it gets into their system through the nose and mouth.

Now, coupled with the fact that our hands are the single most susceptible parts of our body to dirt and microbes, it is very important that we begin to pay more attention to washing our hands as they might be carriers of the virus

Use the standard hand washing techniques, and use soap and water; if you’re going to be away from water and soap, hand sanitizers would do too.

Also, minimise the rate at which you touch your face with your hands; that would reduce the chances of transferring any microbe from your hands to your mouth or nose.

Stay home more

As the virus keeps spreading in many countries, it has been recommended (and legislated in some other places) to stay at home and practice social distancing.

This goes in line with the effort to not have many people to be in one place at a time.

Also, if you feel sick and are already showing symptoms of any disease at all, try as much as you can to stay at home.

Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing outside

This is also recommended so that you can consciously try not to spread the virus.

There are some items that you can buy to help you better manage the situation as it is with the virus.

Face Mask

Face Masks are recommended to people who already have coughing or sneezing symptoms, but for healthy people, you can wear it too.

According to the study, the virus is relatively large in size, so any face mask should keep it from the nose and mouth.

But even at that, we recommend that you use surgical or specialized ones, in order to ensure more protection.

Hand Sanitizers

At this point, if you inevitably move around often (like transporters), you would need to buy a hand sanitizer.

This is a good substitute for soap and water since it is not very convenient to move with soap and water.

Cleaning Wipes

I mentioned that this virus moves from surface to surface, therefore, your gadgets aren’t safe also

Buy cleaning wipes for your wipes to sanitize them as well; especially the ones you use daily (your phone)


Multivitamins would strengthen us from the inside, and boost our immunity to the virus.

Buy multivitamins when you can, so that you are less susceptible to any infection or disease, including Coronavirus.


These are also essential, so as to be ahead of the curve every time; don’t rely on the same old touch-with-the-back-of-hand technique, as touching is highly discouraged at this point.

Get thermometers that do not require touching the subject and regularly take note of the body temperatures of people closest to you.

Conclusion on How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus

We have a global pandemic on our hands which is the Coronavirus; we must then do everything we can as everyday people to ensure that our chances of contracting the virus are reduced.

The tips I have written above, coupled with the standard guidelines WHO has been dishing out, would ensure that for us.

We should try to follow these tips, and get related helpful items when we can.

Remember, we will overcome Coronavirus, but first, let’s learn how to stay safe against Coronavirus.


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