Google SMS will be sent to some Android phones, remember whenever you want to verify a phone number, you normally wait for an SMS message with a code you will receive, and you enter after Google SMS is sent on the website in question.

But recently, several users are reporting the reverse process: it is Google that is sending the SMS from the user’s Android mobile.

At the point when you set up a Google account on Android, you can enter your telephone number. On the off chance that you do, we will check that the number is as yet yours.

Google Recheck Android Phone Number

Dozens of users, most of them from India but also some from Europe and the United States, have shared

the appearance of suspicious messages sent by their mobiles. The messages include a code and the text “Google is re-verifying the phone of this device”, as well as a link to the help page.

The text message and the fact that the messages are sent to local numbers that vary from one user to another and that are not officially listed as belonging to Google were the ones that made the users’ alarms jump, fearing that it will be spam or some type of fraud.

When you set up a Google account on Android, you can enter your phone number. If you do, we will verify that the number is still yours.

“For your security, we’ll re-check every now and then to ensure that your telephone number is as yet yours. At the point when we re-check, you may get instant messages from Google or see active writings to Google. The message could state something like, ‘Google is confirming the telephone number of this gadget”.

This clarifies why, in spite of the fact that the method for playing out the check appears to be somewhat forceful.

What’s more, conceivably having the option to bring about extra expenses to the client by sending the said message.

That, however, a few clients marvel to what degree Google can send SMS messages without informing the client. A few of these messages were sent at sunrise, while the client was not utilizing the portable.

The Google group is educated regarding this conduct and the help gatherings express that they are taking a shot at an answer.

How and when it will show up is still to be known. So for the minute on the off chance that you need to ensure that it doesn’t transpire.

Everything you can do is cripple the SMS consent from all Google applications.


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