Facebook as chose not to be a captive to Google, dump Android to assemble its own OS explicitly implied for its future AR glasses.

As indicated by an ongoing report by TechCrunch, Facebook is at present investigating building up an OS starting from the earliest stage for its future equipment gadgets so as to diminish reliance on Google for Android.

Facebook has given the job of building a long range interpersonal communication proficient working framework without any preparation to Mark Lucovsky, who was a co-writer in building Microsoft’s Windows NT. With its very own OS, Facebook could get opportunity to profoundly incorporate its social items into its present and future gadgets. Honestly, Facebook’s cell phone applications will stay accessible on Android.

This is done as protection from  being too dependent on Google. They do not want the risk of a potential disagreement between Facebook and Google to derail future device roadmaps.

One of the main devices that is under development currently is Facebook’s Augmented Reality Glasses and that is another reason why Facebook is building an OS.

By moving to its own OS, Facebook could have more freedom to bake social interaction — and hopefully privacy — deeper into its devices.


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