This guide on the best GPS tracker devices for cars is based on research and feedback from users, you are completely in the right place. These trackers are the best you can find in the market today. They have more than all the features you need, great ergonomics, accuracy and the availability of apps or websites to complement their usage.

1. Spytec Model GL300MA GPS Tracker

The Spy Tec GL300MA tracker is one of the best GPS trackers in the market right now. It is a perfect GPS tracker to track cars and their speed.

This device costs around $50 on Amazon, it is functions with the use of a battery that lasts almost three weeks and you can also extend the battery life for up to six months through battery extension feature.

Also, with a geofence capability, this GPS tracker can work anywhere in the world. This Spytec GL300 GPS tracker can send you alerts if your geofence is broken, to know your speed or reckless driving or when driving beyond curfew hours.

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Furthermore, the app is also able to store data for up to one year and this enables the luxury of customized reports such as fuel usage, location history and speed reports.

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker: No Monthly Fee

The Vyncs tracker makes the list of some of the best GPS trackers because it contains almost everything you need in a tracker in one device.

It literally takes your car online into a connected world as it helps you know your car’s real-time location, driving habit, trip history, fuel/emission performance, car health condition and way more.

From just anywhere, you can stay connected with your car through the custom-built Andriod/iOS app.

Vyncs gps tracker

The tracking device has a built-in sim card that currently works in over 200 different countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico and more.

Also, this device costs just about $80 on Amazon. This tracker fits into the vehicle OBD port. Data can be accessed on the app or website for tracking.

One great feature is the customizable geofence. This tracker is the best GPS tracker for a car without a monthly subscription.

Business owners love this tracker because they can track their vehicle maintenance and employees’ movement when they drive. You can get custom alerts by text, it is small and easily hidden, you’ll also get an alert when your vehicle engine codes a problem.

3. Bouncie GPS Tracker

This costs $67 on Amazon and that’s the biggest treat on this device. You’re definitely getting more for less. If you purchase this device, you get to pay a monthly fee of $8 too. You can view location, history and driving habits on the Bouncie app or website.

Basically, it can work in any 3G area and you get alerts when the car leaves the geofence of drives outside of time limits.

Bouncie gps tracker

The Bouncie GPS tracker refreshes every 15-seconds while driving. It gives real-time updates about the car’s location – when it is parked, the park location will be marked on the map.

Also, with the Google map feature on Bouncie, you can view the car’s location, location history, addresses and routes.

4. Trak-4 GPS Tracker

This tracker costs about $50 dollars on Amazon and it is equipped with a long-life rechargeable battery, geofence capability, a reasonable compact size and up to 18 months on a single recharge.

Best Tracking Device For Cars

With this GPS tracker, you can track just about anything and the app update once every minute at most.

Trak-4 gps tracker

Although, it isn’t great for real-time tracking and you also have to log on to the site to retrieve data.

The great thing about this tracker though is that you won’t rely totally on a satellite signal. Rather, it makes use of cell towers to determine a position when in remote locations. People who use this are fleet owners, don’t buy this to track a loved one.

One great feature of this Trak-4 GPS tracker that makes it one of the best trackers is that it checks in once-daily even when not moving and it can track multiple units on the same map.


This tracker costs $50 on Amazon, it uses 4G LTE cell signals to send location data to the app almost once every ten seconds. Its major features are real-time tracking and geofence capability. It’s subscription costs $25 a month.

If you want a basic and affordable GPS tracker, you will be happy to purchase this one.

prime gps tracking device

With this Prime Tracker Mini GPS location tracker, you’ll stay instantly in the know and never have to worry or wonder again. This Prime tracker has the capability to tell you just exactly where your car, loved ones or other valuable possessions are and where they have been.

With an ultra-compact, discrete, light-weight and virtually undetectable feature, this tracking device will fit into backpacks, bags, trunks or just anywhere which makes it one of the smallest GPS tracking device. And constantly keeps you in the know with just a simple click on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Remember, before you choose a GPS tracker to buy, you must consider where you will place it in your vehicle, check the features and more importantly the laws within your area of use You can also go on to check for reviews again if you want to. Now you can go shopping for the best GPS tracker.


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