So, you’re the type that consumes multimedia content on your Android devices, you’d most probably need Live TV apps for your viewing pleasure.

5 of the most popular Live TV, I shall be talking about right now, so be sure to check them out.


By far the most popular Live TV you’ll come across for your Android.

Once installed, you get to watch live sporting matches as well as other TV channels. Download it here for free for your Android.


For all your favorite TV shows, movies and dramas, WeTV is quite the streaming app to get for your Android devices.

It offers a wide selection of TV channels, but some of them require a Premium Access version of the app.

However, with a free account, you can watch all your favorite shows on WeTV. Download here.


Are Asian (Korean, especially) movies and drama your kind of content? Well, Viki has got you covered.

It’s right on the best streaming app for getting all your Korean dramas and movies.

What’s more? It’s got you covered in Indian movies as well! Download Viki here.


SPB TV would almost literally turn your Android device to a real TV.

It offers a ton of TV channels to choose from and would show you in good video quality options.

It’s even got extra features, like the ability to let you chat while you watch a particular channel. Download SPB TV for Android here.


You can quickly tell from the name that this app allows you to easily stream live TV channels from the comfort of your Android device.

You can stream movies and other shows as well, but that would be the only thing you get with a free account; a paid account allows you to stream live TV channels whenever you want.

Conclusion on Live TV Apps

If you are in the “No Cords Gang”, or you just like to stream your multimedia content right from your Android device, then you might want to check out the aforementioned streaming apps.

A number of them are free while the rest requires that you subscribe to access their full features, but be rest assured you would be getting great streaming experience from every one of them.



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