The way we navigate the world today has changed; all thanks to Google Maps. You can use these Google Maps Features on your iPhone, Android and even on desktop to see real time traffic situation, check commute times from point A to B, find new spots to try out on the weekends — but this isn’t all about the Google Maps! The omnipresent Google service can also search as an interactive geospatial search engine for us to explore the world around us.

for example, when visiting other countries that speaks a different language from yours, you can use Google Maps to translate names of places you’d like to go to (like a restaurant) — which can be very helpful in helping you locate the place easily.

Below are the 7 Google Map tricks you didn’t know until now!

Easy Translation Of Place Names And Addresses

Just in case you’re planning an international trip to a country that you don’t even understand their language and you haven’t brushed up on the country’s language, you don’t have to worry that much. Google Maps enables you to listen to the names of cafes and other places you’re interested in visiting in the country’s native language.

Google Maps supports over 39 languages spoken by an estimated 1.25 billion people according to a blogpost by google.

To make use of this language feature, find your destination and tap it. Next to the name of the searched destination, tap on the speaker icon that will appear and listen to the pronunciation so you can learn how to correctly say the word. With this feature, you can tour the world like a pro regardless of the language!

The Explore Tab

The Google Explore tab for iOS and Android was redesigned to allow you explore a particular area, offer recommendations for bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels in any area you’re interested in researching.

This feature also allows you to see trending list of places you might wish to check out. This tab also notifies you of top events happening in the area and this can be customized by you, especially if you have your Location History toggled on.

To make use of this tool, look at the bottom left corner of the Google Maps, tap on the Explore button and explore!

Order For Food Without A Delivery App

If you’d rather sit back at home and listen to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars than go out for lunch or dinner, then Google Map’s got you covered. The Google Maps app new functionality allows five different delivery services like Postmates, doordash,, ChowNow and Slice to deliver your food order to you.

To use this feature while in Maps, tap on the “Order Online” button that will appear when you search for a supported restaurant. From this point, you can choose between delivery and pickup and choose which service you wish to order your food through.

Real-Time Commute Planning And Updates

Sometimes, no matter how well you plan your movement, you sometimes get stuck in a stop-and-go traffic or traffic congestion. But not to worry, Google maps can help you plan an alternative route.

Google in 2018, added an advanced real-time commute planning to Google Maps to show transit information and live traffic updates, and dynamically adjust multimodal routes either while you’re enroute or before departure.

Remember Where You Parked

Henceforth, wandering around a parking garage looking for where you parked your car would not work thanks to Google Maps.

This park feature gives you the ability to remember the exact spot where you parked, add a photo of the parking location and share the parking location to friends!

On iOS, tap the blue location dot within the Google Maps app when you arrive at a parking location. In the pop-up, tap on “Set as parking location” and a P icon will appear alongside a note “You parked near here” in the app. to get rid of the note, tap the P icon and select “clear.”

On Android devices, tap the blue location dot and select “Save your parking,” which automatically adds a label to the Maps app, identifying where you parked. Tap that to add more details like the parking garage level and spot or the amount of time left before a meter expires. You can also set meter reminders, add a photo of where you parked, and send your parking location to friends too.

To find it later, tap the search bar up top and select Parking location. Or tap Driving down below, and look for “Saved parking.” To delete, tap Driving > Clear. Or tap “You parked here” on the map, select More Info on the bottom left and tap Clear.


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